Tyneside Cinema – Back, Bigger and Better

I have fond memories of the Tyneside Cinema. In the early 1980s, when I was in a prolonged period of unemployment, it offered a remarkably cheap source of entertainment. The cinema always sold tickets at a substantial discount to people on benefits, and they showed a mind-bogglingly eclectic range of movies. Not just art house and minority interest stuff, but major films (usually after their main run at more expensive places), and incredibly good value marathon packages of Hollywood classics. It was there that I first saw the Talking Heads concert movie Stop Making Sense. It was also the second and third place I saw it, as I dragged friends along to see it.

As time went on, I found I got round to going there less and less. This is more to do with me having other things to do (computers, DVDs, that camera thingy…) than with the lack of movies to see at the Tyneside. Now that it’s reopening, maybe I’ll persuade myself to make more of an effort and to actually see more movies on the big screen rather than waiting for the DVD. We shall see.

The main screen is in a glorious (and now fully restored) 1930s auditorium. It was originally a venue for showing newsreels, apparently. Upstairs was a smaller cinema and the ever-popular coffee rooms. All of this has now been restored, with additional rooms in expanded upper floors. This album currently contains just a few pictures of the outside of the building. I’ll try to get some more later.

Find out all about the Tyneside Cinema, including what’s on, on their own site:

Tyneside Cinema