Weight Report – 19 May 2008

No change in my weight from yesterday, but it’s a significant improvement on this time last week.

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes. After the grey gloom of last week, this week started with bright sunshine, which was enough to persuade me to walk to work. At lunchtime, I had a wander past the refurbished Tyneside Cinema, which reopens on Thursday in its old home after a stay in Gateshead’s old town hall. From there, I went to the Newcastle City Library site, and got some pictures of the latest developments – it’s really beginning to look more like a building and less like a framework now. Then it was on to the Haymarket for a look at the Metro station redevelopment, and finally I visited the Eldon Square redevelopment site, where more progress has been made. Pictures of all of these will appear soonish.

After that, I had something to eat – just a sandwich, would you believe, despite the best worst efforts of my loyal evil staff[1] to persuade me that what I really wanted was a sausage roll or three.

And at the end of the day, I walked home, shock, horror, sensation.

[1] Hi Aaron!! :wave: [2]
[2] Hi Alex!! :wave:

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