Weight Report – 20 May 2008

OK, just a small upward movement today. Well within daily fluctuation range, so I won’t ascribe any significance to it.

I was planning to walk to work today, but I gor sidetracked by some computer twiddling, and left it too late, so I had to get the bus. Quite shocking, I know. Coming home involved some slightly heavy shopping, so again I caught the bus. Must do better tomorrow. Maybe.

At lunchtime, I had a bit of a stroll, and again had a sandwich and zero sausage rolls, despite the increasing lunacy of my staff, who are trying to induce reflex sausage roll purchasing instincts into me by saying “sausage roll” all the time, and then claiming that they said something quite different, and my allegedly sausage roll obsessed brain is deceiving me. They’re quite mad, you know…