Daily Archives: Wednesday, 21st May 2008

Newcastle Pictures – 2 November 2007

Yes! More pictures! This is one last set from last November – some random pictures that didn’t belong in any of the other sets I’ve posted from what turned out to be a quite productive day. Some of these have been on Flickr previously, in slightly different forms.

The catching up project will move on to October 2007 next. It might take a couple of days before I post any pictures, as I have 232 pictures of Edinburgh to sort through…

Northumbria University – 2 November 2007

I posted some wide-angle shots of the Northumbria University footbridge a few days ago, forgetting that I had another batch of pictures lurking in my backlog. Well, I’ve reached that point and decided that they were sufficiently different from the last batch to put on show together with some pictures of the new buildings on the far side of the bridge. There’s also the shocking sight of the Gateshead car park[1] and a moderately tasteful view of parts of the University with the Civic Centre behind.

[1] I can’t get away from it!!

Newcastle Civic Centre – 2 November 2007

Here’s another selection of images from my walk on 2 November last year. This set shows parts of Newcastle Civic Centre, in particular the Tyne River God water sculpture that’s near the council chamber, and the flying Swans sculpture in the courtyard. I’ve also included an tasteful autumn view of the building hiding behind trees, which you may have seen in a slightly different form at the time.

Weight Report – 21 May 2008

Mutter. Despite eschewing[1] the sausage rolls, my weight is up again today. Once again, I failed at the walking thing, which probably doesn’t help matters.

[1] No, not chewing :drool:

We Apologise For The Loss of Service

That’s one of those editorial “we” thingies, of course. There’s only the one of me really[1], but it’s one of those conventions that I like to observe. However, you can be assured that Les won’t fall into the bizarre habit of talking about himself in the third person. Les thinks that people who do that are crazier than bags of rabid squirrels. Les would never do that.

Anyway, this is just a note to apologise to anyone who tried to visit the site earlier today and was greeted with an error message or an incredibly slowly loading page. This was because Dreamhost have jsut enabled the virtual private MySQL server that I asked for some time ago. The slowness and disconnectedness was caused by the quite chunky Losing it[1] database being shuffled around form its old home to its shiny new one.

It all seems back to what passes for normal around here now, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the little beastie until I’m sure it’s completely happy. I’ll also be keeping an eye on the performance graph, so I can decide if I’ve ordered either not enough or too much power for the MySQL server. Fortunately, I can change it at any time, which is cool.

[1] Waits for chorus of “Just as well!”