Daily Archives: Friday, 23rd May 2008

More photos soon

After the flurry of photographic activity on the site, I’m slowing down a bit now. Looking back, I see I posted a very small selection of Edinburgh pictures a while ago, intending to add more later when tuit availability allowed. Well, I’m finding that particular tuit now, so expect a bigger and better Edinburgh album in the next day or two. So far, I’ve had a quick run through the pictures I took, and marked the ones that have at least something going for them, and perhaps more importantly, marked the ones that are quite hopeless – the blurry ones, the too dark or too light ones, and anything else that just doesn’t work. That exercise reduced 232 images to 149, which will probably be thinned down some more as I start working on them in Lightroom.

But all that is an activity for the long weekend. Tonight, I’m taking another break. So there.

Weight Report – 23 May 2008

And down again! Yes, more random variation stuff, isn’t it fun?

Walking was once again off the agenda, and in an attempt to stop the sausage roll madness of my staff, I relented and consumed one. Or possibly two. This did nothing to stop the madness, so I can see I’ll have to take more drastic action to stop them mocking me and saying “sausage roll” every 30 seconds. Still, I’ve got a week off now, so that should reduce their opportunities a bit. With any luck they’ll get bored and think of something else before I get back…

That Would Be Useful

I’ve mentioned What the Duck before – it’s one of the webcomics I like to keep up with, what with it being funny and photographic. If you’re not following it, you probably should be. Full RSS feed available, and all that. Anyway, today’s is nice – there have been times when this ability would be useful:

What the Duck 483

Hmmmmm. Maybe it’ll be available in Photoshop CS5…