Do they want to check our letters, too?

It seems that our government has lost what little vestige of a plot it had been clinging on to. BBC News reports that they are considering keeping records of every phone call and email sent in the UK. Currently, they’re requiring ISPs and phone companies to keep records, but now they want a Big Central Database.

Now quite apart from the minor detail that they’re not very good at keeping hold of confidential data, and that there is no particular reason why any of us should actually trust them with it[1], there’s a rather big question that seems to be being overlooked:

What the heck would the point be?

Anyone with something to hide will find ways around this – or they’ll communicate in writing (remember that?) or face-to-face.

Of course, it’s run like most government IT projects, we won’t have anything to worry about…

BBC NEWS | UK | Phone calls database considered

[1] All your records will be saved to a CD which we’ll lose in the post. Don’t worry, the data is password protected, with the password being written on a Post-It note attached to the CD for extra security…