Supreme Geekiness!

No, not me. Well, not this time, anyway. This is a YouTube video that’s been getting some attention[1], and I thought I’d draw it to the attention of, oooh, at least three more people by posting it here. I won’t post the title, as that slightly spoils the gag…

[1] Not to mention some severe pedantry in the comments…

3 thoughts on “Supreme Geekiness!

  1. Bob

    I suppose if it has enough bandwidth to survive being slashdotted [1] it can survive the traffic from here.

    [1] Verbing weirds language, yeah, I know.

  2. Les Post author

    Hi Bob! :wave:

    Damn, forgot to credit you for the link. Readers, this is the person responsible for me posting this clip. Yes, it’s all Bob’s fault

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