Coming up in WordPress 2.6

I hinted yesterday that WordPress 2.6 is going to make me a happier Les than 2.5 has done so far. While release, or even a beta version sufficiently developed for me to want to start playing, is a long way off, reports of Cool New Features are gradually appearing. Here are some of the things I’ve picked up on:

  1. Post Revisions. This is one of those features that I really need, though I hadn’t actually thought through how it could be achieved. I quite often go back and edit a post a few times before I’m happy with it[1], I frequently start a long post and write it in several sessions, and it’s not unknown for me to accidentally delete or otherwise lose large blocks of text. A version tracking feature would really help here, and according to a post by Michael Adams (aka mdawaffe), WordPress 2.6 is getting what looks like a really nifty implementation of just that.

    There are some concerns about how many versions will be stored, how big databases could get, and other such stuff, but I’m sure the final version will be nicely manageable, or at the very least twiddleable with plugins. Definitely a feature I’ll be using:

    Post Revisions in WordPress 2.6 « real ultimate waffe (.net)

  2. The return of the Bookmarklet! You might recall me fighting with this little thing on Safari a while ago, but the feature was removed from WordPress 2.5. The news is that a new, cleverer, fancier and altogether cooler version will appear with WordPress 2.6. This one will do clever stuff like adding the correct code to your post automagically if, for instance, you run it from a YouTube video page. Nice. You can follow progress on that one on Trac:

    Viva la bookmarklet – quick posting from around the web

  3. I can’t find a link for this one, but I did see a message on one of the mailing list which suggested that the standard components of the Write page will be inserted using the same code that plugins use. Now that might not sound all that significant, but it does open the door for a plugin that will allow full customisation of the Write interface, which would remove the biggest single complaint about WordPress 2.5. More details as and when I hear them.

Those are the ones that particularly interest me. There’s more stuff mentioned in this useful (and regularly updated) article on WordPress Expert:

WordPress 2.6 Features

If you’re at all interested in the future development of WordPress, and reading Trac makes your head hurt, that’s a pretty good place to start from.

[1] So just think how bad this stuff would be if I didn’t edit :lol: