Macro Pictures – 17 October 2007

These are the results of my second session with my Canon Macro lens, which is still one of my favourite toys. As with a lot of the pictures I’ve been posting lately, you may have seen some of these before, but most are getting their first airing. More macro stuff to come…

2 thoughts on “Macro Pictures – 17 October 2007

  1. Les Post author

    Hard to be sure, really. Strictly speaking, a macro image is one where the image on the camera sensor (or film) is equal to or larger than the actual object. In general use, it tends to mean pretty much any extreme close-up image, even if it’s not as large as life. That one looks like a close up, but it doesn’t look all that “macro”, where I’d normally expect to see a shallower depth of field.

    It sort of depends on how big the actual object is…

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