Daily Archives: Tuesday, 27th May 2008

Weight Report – 27 May 2008

Down a bit today, woo, hoo, etc.

As you’d expect for my week off, the weather is tending towards the grey and damp, so photographic opportunities may be on the thin side. But that does give me more time for my backlog…

Today, I went to the MetroCentre for the first time in a while. I didn’t stay long, as apart from Hotel Chocolat, there’s not a lot there I can be bothered with. I did briefly consider going to see the new Indiana Jones movie, but I couldn’t gather enough enthusiasm. Maybe later…

A Misty Morning – 2 October 2007

I posted a couple of pictures from my misty morning walk at the time, and now I’ve finally found the tuit in question and sorted through the rest. It’s odd how a lack of visibility can lead to some quite interesting images. I’m quite pleased with some of these…

Newcastle City Library – 2 October 2007

Yes, the catching up continues! This is a small set taken with my Canon 100mm macro lens on the day it arrived, in which you can see a very early stage of the construction work on the new library.

Saltwell Park – Canada Geese

As I mentioned briefly at the time, while I was in the park to take pictures of The Running Line, the local colony of Canada Geese decided to put on a bit of a show. From grazing (or whatever it is geese do on grass – looking for worms?) to flying across to the lake, making some splashy landings and generally hanging around, it’s all in this album.

The Canada Geese are just one of Saltwell Park’s many attractions.

Saltwell Park – The Running Line

Back in October, I went to the park to take some pictures of The Running Line, which was either the world’s longest photographic exhibition, a bit of bonkers public art, or quite possibly both. Either way, it was a continuous strip of thousands of photos of the previous year’s Great North Run, which wound its way around the park, apparently for a distance of 13.1 miles – the same length as the actual half marathon.

It was quite an odd sight, and I’ve tried to capture the feel of it with this selection of pictures. If you look through the album, you’ll see our old friend Tigger makes an appearance. He gets everywhere.