Britain’s New Coinage – Pictures

I mentioned last month that the new British coinage designs had been revealed to the world. As I said I might, I ordered one of the moderately limited number[1] of proof sets of the new coins, which arrived some weeks later. And just a few weeks after that, I’ve found yet another tuit, and taken some pictures so you can see them.

The arrangement of the coins in the sealed case shows how the designs fit together to make up the shield design on the £1 coin, which is a clever concept that has grown on me since I first saw it. One negative comment I have heard is that the coins do not have numerical values on them, which may be confusing for people not familiar with the shapes and sizes of our coinage. The argument is that historically, British coins didn’t have numbers on, and they were added to the decimal coinage to try to minimise confusion. As it’s been around 40 years since the decimalisation programme began, perhaps it is time to drop the numbers. We’ll have to see how the new coins work out as they enter circulation.

2 thoughts on “Britain’s New Coinage – Pictures

  1. Les Post author

    Ah, so you spotted the deliberate error, eh?

    Sets like this are more limited than they used to be. Not like the 1971 set which they kept making up to about 1974 or so…

    According to the Royal Mint, this set is limited to 20,000. The £6,000 platinum version is limited to 250 sets if you’re after something a little more exclusive…

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