Newcastle Photos – 11 September 2007

This album contains the results of a lunchtime stroll with the Sigma 10-20mm wide-angle lens. Included are pictures of the bridges, some buildings, and All Saints Church. Most of the work was done in Lightroom, with some images enjoying a little correction of their verticals in Photoshop. I was shooting into the light a lot of the time, so there’s a fair amount of lens flare to be seen.

On the Lightroom side, I’ve experimented a bit by using one of Matt Kloskowski’s handy presets from the always useful Lightroom Killer Tips – a site every Lightroom user should know about. Personally, I like the RSS feed, which saves me having to remember to go there. This particular preset is intended as a general purpose starting point for most images, which does things that I generally do – boost the clarity and vibrance levels, for instance. I found that for a lot of these images, I didn’t need to so much else at all, so it’s a really nice time saver. Get it here:

Matt’s Auto Adjustment Preset

There’s a separate version for portraits, which doesn’t do the clarity stuff, as that kind of mid-range contrast boost doesn’t work too well for faces. While you’re on the site, have a look at some of Matt’s other presets – there are some interesting creative effects there. There the kind of thing you might get to after a lot of tweaking of sliders, but as Matt’s done all that already, you might as well take advantage of that.

Matt’s definitely a Good Thing – his book on Photoshop Layers is well worth a read.