Gateshead Car Park – 2 September 2007

Last year, I joined the Newcastle upon Tyne Photography Meetup Group. If you’re not aware of it, is a free service that helps like-minded people get together. There are groups in various parts of the world covering a wide range of interests, and if you can’t find one to interest you, there’s nothing to stop you starting one. It took a while before I managed to get it together to turn up for a gathering, what with my usual tuit shortage and all that. That first meeting was in Saltwell Park, so I had no excuse for not turning up! I’ll be posting some pictures from that one when I reach that point in my backlog, at some indeterminate time in the future.

The second (and last so far[1]), was a planned visit to the dreaded Gateshead Car Park, billed as “last chance to see…”, as at the time demolition was expected to start fairly soon. What with it being a miserable, overcast, grey day, it wasn’t the best timing. The fact that the normally open levels of the car park were closed, as it was Sunday, made it even worse timing. However, three of us turned up – John, who I’d met before at the Saltwell Park Meetup, and Alisatair, on his first Meetup. And we managed to get some pictures, including the traditional pointing cameras at each other’s cameras thing. My pictures are in the album, others can be seen on the Meetup site (you may need to be a registered user of to see that).

And that concludes September’s backlog. Now on to August 2007, where I seem to have taken 884 pictures. Some of those will be appearing here over the next couple of days…

[1] That’s not just me – there haven’t been many meetings lately