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Twitter Updates for 2008-05-30

  • More odness. @wubud wants to give away a Mac Book Air, once he has 5,000 followers. 428 so far, so it may be a while… #
  • Looks like another quiet day in. Posting frenzy may ensue #
  • And more Columbo #
  • Coming soon: a hotel on Grey’s Monument http://www.hotelmonument.org.uk/ Not sure if it’s the coolest thing ever or the craziest. Or both. #
  • Doctor Who Series 4 Part 2: going for an even bigger ending than last time :-D #
  • PhotoTwitter? Hmmm. Looks like I need a shave… http://tinyurl.com/2q7z28<br /> #

Doctor Who – New Trailer

Just caught this for the first time on BBC One. And what can I say except OMG, WOW, WOO HOO?

Yes, we have Rose! Yes, we have Daleks, and it looks like poor little Dalek Caan isn’t on his own. And it also looks suspiciously like all the rumours are true and DAVROS IS BACK.

And the title of episode 11 is still officially secret. Though I have seen an interesting rumour. Talking of rumours, the finale will allegedly include Captain Jack :bouncy: :bouncy: :bow: and even more allegedly, Sarah Jane Smith :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

YouTube video included on the usual “unless and until it gets pulled for copyright violation” basis.

And yes, the video has gone…


Columbo – Seasons 1 to 7

Back in December, I mentioned that I’d got the first season of Coumbo at a very nice price. Well, I really enjoyed watching that, and since then I’ve kept half an eye out for more of the same. But wherever I looked, the later seasons were all a wee bit more expensive. Not horribly expensive, I suppose, but over £20 a set, which would have ended up costing a lot of money in all.

Then I found this set. It includes the Season 1 package that I already have (though the outer box doesn’t mention that those pilot episodes are included), plus the following six years worth of episodes. That’s 44 episodes in all, with a running time of a little under 60 hours, spread over 23 discs. Now that’s a lot of stuff to watch, and so far I’m about halfway through season three, so I’ve still got lots more to go. Some of the episodes I’ve seen many times, others hardly ever, and I may even find one or two I’ve never seen, unlikely as that might seem. I paid £40 for the set in HMV, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Extra features are pretty much absent, but at this price, I’m not complaining. This set includes all the 1970s run, so I’ll be looking out for the late 80s revival episodes next.

Update: Now I’ve watched all the disks, I can confirm that there are some extras: two episodes of the short-lived sort of spin off Mrs Columbo, starring Captain Janeway Kate Mulgrew as the wife of a detective lieutenant. Columbo’s dog and car are seen, but the man himself is absent. Not terribly good, really.


An Afternoon Walk – 13 August 2007

I was enjoying some time off work in August 2007, and apart from a short trip to London and having some visitors, I managed a few more general photo sessions. This set comes from an early afternoon walk, and includes details of some work on the High Level Bridge where you can see some of the new steelwork, an instance of quite shocking apostrophe abuse, and more.

Eldon Square Redevelopment – 13 August 2008

Here’s another set of pictures showing the demolition stage of the Eldon Square South redevelopment. In these, you can see large piles of rubble that used to be a car park, and the first signs of something happening to the Greenmarket.

Weight Report – 30 May 2008

And in today’s outbreak of randomness, my weight is down a big bit. I’m sure this has no relevance at all, but that’s never stopped me posting before…

Walking to Work – 17 August 2007

This is a small set taken while walking to work. In this set, you can see Gateshead’s first mayor, the old Co-Op store being transformed, and some shrubbery growing out of bridges. And some other stuff, too.

Guillemots – Red

You know, I’ve had this post sitting there waiting for me to get round to it for months. Well, here it is – the second album from Guillemots, a band whose first album pleased me back in 2006. First impressions of this one weren’t as strong, but it has grown on me since. While there’s nothing as wildly over the top and prolonged as the glorious Sao Paulo, there’s still a lot to enjoy. In my usual way, here are a few highlights.

Falling out of reach

After a couple of typically multi-instrumental noisy (but fun) tracks, this gentle acoustic number appears and slides into your subconscious in an easy, seductive manner. It sounds vaguely like some lost song from the 80s that you almost remember. In a good way.

Get over it

This was a moderately successful single, and is a more typical Guillemots song, as far as “typical” goes for such a diverse band. An only moderately bonkers song about wanting to be with someone…

Well I want you, want you like I’m eighteen
But I’m tied, tied to my baby
To my baby

In another life I’d be drenched in sweat with you
But it’s this life darlin’, and in this life we make do
Oh get over it!
G-g-g-g-get over it!


Last Kiss

Another song that sounds like it might have escaped from the 80s, with changes of instrumentation from verse to verse. Odd, but in a very nice way.


Ooooooooh, now this is lovely. A lush string arrangement, a nice ah-ah-ah chorus and lyrics about how fantasy can be preferable to dealing with reality

Oh, cause living in the real world
Can sometimes get so strange
When you fall in love with statues
And cockateels in a cage

Well, it seems I’ve got imaginary lovers
They say they’re protecting the space
By my side
By my side

And there’s lots more to draw the listener in. This is definitely one of those albums that repays repeated listening. Give it a try.

High Level Bridge Opening Day

After being closed for over three years, the High Level Bridge returns to service on Monday. While pedestrians and presumably cyclists will be able cross in either direction, traffic will be restricted to southbound buses and taxis. The buses and taxis bit is because that’s an effective way to make use of the bridge without having too many vehicles use it at once, and the southbound bit is because it’s had to be fitted with new safety barriers which have narrowed the already quite small roadway to the point where two-way traffic is now impossible rather than the tight squeeze it used to be.

The BBC report has more detail, including these entertaining figures:

More than 1,600 tonnes of scaffolding was used in the restoration project, with 610 tonnes of new steel and 252 tonnes of timber also used.

Around 75,000 litres of paint were applied to the bridge to restore it to its original colour.

I’ll be taking pictures of the refurbished bridge as soon as the weather is suitable.

BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Historic river crossing to reopen