Columbo – Seasons 1 to 7

Back in December, I mentioned that I’d got the first season of Coumbo at a very nice price. Well, I really enjoyed watching that, and since then I’ve kept half an eye out for more of the same. But wherever I looked, the later seasons were all a wee bit more expensive. Not horribly expensive, I suppose, but over £20 a set, which would have ended up costing a lot of money in all.

Then I found this set. It includes the Season 1 package that I already have (though the outer box doesn’t mention that those pilot episodes are included), plus the following six years worth of episodes. That’s 44 episodes in all, with a running time of a little under 60 hours, spread over 23 discs. Now that’s a lot of stuff to watch, and so far I’m about halfway through season three, so I’ve still got lots more to go. Some of the episodes I’ve seen many times, others hardly ever, and I may even find one or two I’ve never seen, unlikely as that might seem. I paid £40 for the set in HMV, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

Extra features are pretty much absent, but at this price, I’m not complaining. This set includes all the 1970s run, so I’ll be looking out for the late 80s revival episodes next.

Update: Now I’ve watched all the disks, I can confirm that there are some extras: two episodes of the short-lived sort of spin off Mrs Columbo, starring Captain Janeway Kate Mulgrew as the wife of a detective lieutenant. Columbo’s dog and car are seen, but the man himself is absent. Not terribly good, really.