Guillemots – Red

You know, I’ve had this post sitting there waiting for me to get round to it for months. Well, here it is – the second album from Guillemots, a band whose first album pleased me back in 2006. First impressions of this one weren’t as strong, but it has grown on me since. While there’s nothing as wildly over the top and prolonged as the glorious Sao Paulo, there’s still a lot to enjoy. In my usual way, here are a few highlights.

Falling out of reach

After a couple of typically multi-instrumental noisy (but fun) tracks, this gentle acoustic number appears and slides into your subconscious in an easy, seductive manner. It sounds vaguely like some lost song from the 80s that you almost remember. In a good way.

Get over it

This was a moderately successful single, and is a more typical Guillemots song, as far as “typical” goes for such a diverse band. An only moderately bonkers song about wanting to be with someone…

Well I want you, want you like I’m eighteen
But I’m tied, tied to my baby
To my baby

In another life I’d be drenched in sweat with you
But it’s this life darlin’, and in this life we make do
Oh get over it!
G-g-g-g-get over it!


Last Kiss

Another song that sounds like it might have escaped from the 80s, with changes of instrumentation from verse to verse. Odd, but in a very nice way.


Ooooooooh, now this is lovely. A lush string arrangement, a nice ah-ah-ah chorus and lyrics about how fantasy can be preferable to dealing with reality

Oh, cause living in the real world
Can sometimes get so strange
When you fall in love with statues
And cockateels in a cage

Well, it seems I’ve got imaginary lovers
They say they’re protecting the space
By my side
By my side

And there’s lots more to draw the listener in. This is definitely one of those albums that repays repeated listening. Give it a try.