High Level Bridge Opening Day

After being closed for over three years, the High Level Bridge returns to service on Monday. While pedestrians and presumably cyclists will be able cross in either direction, traffic will be restricted to southbound buses and taxis. The buses and taxis bit is because that’s an effective way to make use of the bridge without having too many vehicles use it at once, and the southbound bit is because it’s had to be fitted with new safety barriers which have narrowed the already quite small roadway to the point where two-way traffic is now impossible rather than the tight squeeze it used to be.

The BBC report has more detail, including these entertaining figures:

More than 1,600 tonnes of scaffolding was used in the restoration project, with 610 tonnes of new steel and 252 tonnes of timber also used.

Around 75,000 litres of paint were applied to the bridge to restore it to its original colour.

I’ll be taking pictures of the refurbished bridge as soon as the weather is suitable.

BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Historic river crossing to reopen