Doctor Who – Silence in the Library (brief report)

OK, I’ll go into more detail when I’ve seen the second part of this Steven Moffat story, but here are a few highlights:

We have some serious confusion when the Doctor meets an old friend who he hasn’t met yet, but who’s met him many times. This is the kind of thing that should happen to time travellers from time to time.

We have some really nasty monsters. The worst kind – the ones in the shadows…

We have some serious reality bending with someone who may be dreaming it all, or not.

And we have some great lines:

I’m a time traveller. I point and laugh at archaeologists.

And in the finest tradition of “Are you my Mummy?” we have:

Hey, who turned out the lights?

Seriously good. Much scarier than any episode since the last one by Steven Moffat (Blink), and has a cliffhanger with multiple threats…

And remember, boys and girls, Mr Moffat is going to be running Doctor Who from the 2010 series. Things can only get even better.

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