More WordPress 2.5 Tweakage

Now this is nifty – a WordPress plugin that modifies the layout of the admin interface to make it rather more friendly. Written by CSS guru Eric Meyer :bow: , it closes up the top area quite nicely, and so moves more of the stuff I want to get to above the fold.

I had a slight problem in that it didn’t play nicely with the drop down menus I use – it had the site title overlaid on the menu, which looked messy. So I had a look at the CSS, and hid the title. I might have another look and see if I can refine that. Now that the excellent Mr Meyer, whose CSS books have helped me in the past, has done the hard bit, I can do some basic tweakage to make the pages look the way I want them. Good stuff, that.

Meyerweb: WordPress Tools: MW Adminimize