Daily Archives: Sunday, 1st Jun 2008

That Was the Week Off That Was

Yes, it’s back to work tomorrow after a relaxed week off in which I managed to do at least some of the things I wanted to. For instance, I made quite major progress on catching up with the enormous backlog of photos that I’d hardly even looked at. Now lots of them are in the Gallery so every one else can hardly look at them at all, too. :grin: On the other hand, I didn’t manage any trips out with the camera, but that was more to do with the weather than my inertia. Now I’m more or less ready to return. I’ve cut my hair and even had a shave for the first time since, err, last time. And here I am:

Ready for work

Ready for work

The weather forecast for the next few days seems to be wet to very wet, so I might not get much walking or photography done. Mutter. But I will try to behave at lunchtimes. Stand by for the usual daily reports, more photos, and stuff.

Weight Report – 1 June 2008

Now that’s not a very good start to the month, is it? I really don’t want to get any heavier than this – I’d hate to cross the psychologicackle 100kg mark again.

OK, I’ll think positively: I can only improve on this weight. I will. Really. Probably. :???:

Tynemouth with Michèle and Brian – 10 August 2007

Last August, I had a visit from my friends Michèle and Brian. Michèle Sharik is a highly regarded player of handbells (a much more serious instrument than many people realise), and was on a tour of selected locations in the UK. They were with me for a couple of days, and on their last morning before moving on to another part of the country, we went to Tynemouth Priory. It’s long been one of my favourite places, with its fascinating mix of medieval priory ruins, remnants of a castle, a first world war gun battery and a modern (though now abandoned) coastguard station.

Brian’s another keen photographer, and much fun was had by all. It was a good clear day, and the view along the coast was quite superb. Lots of views of the priory, the coast and the people in this album.