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Housesteads – 9 August 2007

Having had a good look around Vindolanda, we had to finish the day with a look at Hadrian’s Wall itself. The nearest and best place to go was Housesteads, where there are some quite substantial remnants of a fort, an exhibition, a quite large hill to climb, and lots and lots of wall. It’s a high location with a view across mile after mile of wide open landscape. The fort must have been exposed to the worst of the Northern English winter, and can’t have been a pleasant posting for soldiers from more southerly parts of the Roman Empire.

Once again, these are all wide-angle images, in which I’ve tried to show the scale of the landscape and the wall’s place in it.

Vindolanda – 9 August 2007

During the visit from Michèle and Brian that I mentioned the other day, we took a trip into Northumberland to look at some Roman remains. As with so many other things, I hadn’t got round to visiting Hadrian’s Wall before, so it was a new experience for all of us.

Our first stop was the quite remarkable Roman fort and settlement at Vindolanda[1], which has a museum, a live archaeological dig (which I think they said has about another century or so to go…), and lots of Roman ruins. This is the site where huge numbers of Roman tablets have been found – pieces of wood covered in writing made by ordinary Roman soldiers and citizens, which have given researchers huge amounts of information. The museum on site has a lot of detail about the discovery of the tablets and how they have been preserved and read. Good stuff.

The fort is not actually on Hadrian’s Wall, but it was a remote outpost of the Roman Empire. All the pictures in the album were taken with my wide-angle lens, which emphasises the scale of the open countryside around the fort, and helps explain why the Romans pretty much gave up trying to expand once they got that far…

[1] For reasons that made perfect sense at the time, we kept calling it Vindaloo, which is something I suspect the Romans didn’t have.

Weight Report – 3 June 2008

Today’s weight shows a moderately typical upward movement from yesterday’s. All part of the random oscillation thingy I seem to have going on at present.

It was a wet day, so I got the bus both ways.

More High Level Bridge Pictures

In this album, you can see a small selection of views from the High Level Bridge. I’ll be taking more of these when the weather’s better. Nice to be able to get some different angles on the other bridges.

And as a special service to readers who aren’t going to visit the bridge in the near future (or ever..), this set also shows the displays currently on show at the Newcastle end. You should be able to read the text, which describes how the restoration work was done – interesting stuff. Well, it interested me anyway. :smile: