Daily Archives: Wednesday, 4th Jun 2008

Eldon Square Redevelopment – 4 June 2008

And in the final set of today’s photos[1], here’s the latest progress on the Eldon Square South redevelopment. Structures are beginning to appear between the big concrete towers, and more of the steel framework is in place.

[1] I’m trying to avoid getting a fresh backlog!

Haymarket Redevelopment – 4 June 2008

The big crane that was a major feature of my last visit has gone, and much more of the structure is in place now. From Northumberland Street, you can get an idea of how much bigger the new building will be. This is another small selection of pictures of the development.

Newcastle City Library – 4 June 2008

Work is progressing well on the new library. Lots more cladding is in place, and some interesting glass is being installed on the John Dobson Street side. However, about half of the opposite side is still very bare. Most of the usual angles and views can be seen in the album.

Newcastle Photos – 4 June 2008

It was a fine, sunny morning, so I walked to work. I couldn’t resist going over the High Level Bridge again, and took some pictures of the patterns of light and shade along the walkway. While I was there, I got some pictures of the view from the bridge – it’s really good to have some different angles on the bridges.

At lunchtime, I did my more or less regular tour of the building sites, and I’ll be letting you see some pictures of those later. But while I was at the Library site, I noticed something a little odd. I’ve already shown off one picture of the badly parked Mini, and you can see some more in this album.

Have You Paid And Displayed?

Some people just don’t seem to care where they park. This Mini was on the outside wall of a multi-storey car park in Newcastle this afternoon. Maybe the place was full, or maybe the driver missed the bay markings. Or maybe it’s just a nicely silly advert.

Have you paid and displayed?

Have you paid and displayed?

Weight Report – 4 June 2008

Today’s random fluctuation thingy is a slight downward one. How exciting![1]

I walked to work, had a photographic stroll at lunchtime, but got the bus home. Photos will appear later…