Michèle and Brian visit – 8 August 2007

After a couple of days off, it’s back to the backlog! This set of pictures is from the first day of Michèle and Brian’s visit to Losing it[1] HQ. After meeting in Saltwell Park for a snack, we dropped off their bags then headed to Gateshead Quays. We had a bit of a wander around the Baltic and admired the Sage and the bridges. We then crossed the Millennium Bridge, had fun with the Blacksmith’s Needle[1], and walked up to see the Vampire Bunny.

After a meal, we wandered (there was a lot of wandering going on) back to the river, where we admired the Sage in all its illuminated glory. The pictures here show the scenery and indeed Michèle and Brian. A careful examination of one of the pictures of Michèle may reveal my presence…

[1] Michèle seemed to like the bell :laugh:

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