The British Museum (and a bit of Bloomsbury) – 4 August 2007

At the beginning of August last year, I had a trip to London for personal rather than the usual business reasons. This meant that for once, I had time to do some general touristy wandering around and picture taking rather than going from station to office to hotel to office to station. On my last day in the city, I had a few hours to spare in the morning, so after a relaxed breakfast, I wandered over to the British Museum, where I spent a few hours looking at this and that. Unlike a lot of museums, personal photography without tripods is allowed, so I was able to get some pictures of a few exhibits that caught my eye. I wasn’t taking notes, so my descriptions are on the vague side, but I’m sure you can cope with that.

Also in this set is one picture of the quite glorious St George’s Bloomsbury, a lovely baroque church designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor. It’s been fully restored, and on a sunny August morning, it was gleaming. Lovely.