Daily Archives: Sunday, 8th Jun 2008

More Newcastle Redevelopment

Oh fun. More targets for my camera! Yes, plans have been announced for the former Newcastle Brewery site in Newcastle. As previously suggested, the intention is for the site to be a centre for research and development, which will be known as Science City.

The focal point is apparently going to be a 30-storey block, which is very big for Newcastle. This will be surrounded by public areas and walkways, together with housing both for people and students[1], shops and bars[3].

It all sounds very promising, with the possibility of lots of jobs being created, and at the very least a new building project to keep an eye on….

BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Science plan will change skyline

[1] Hi students[2]! Just kidding :wink:
[2] Apart from Alex, of course :rofl:
[3] Because Newcastle is notoriously deficient in places to get a drink

Mask of Emotion

I’m not sure if this is really cool, really weird or deeply disturbing. It’s probably some odd mixture of all three, plus some things I hadn’t thought of. Imagine a full-face mask that shows how you’re feeling through emoticons.

Report from Engadget, complete with odd video.

Original with pictures from blog.naver.com