Daily Archives: Tuesday, 10th Jun 2008

More Updates

The photo backloggery continues. The next set may not appear for a couple of days, as I have to check through the 391 pictures I took at last year’s Sunderland International Air Show[1]. Some of the better pictures have already appeared via Flickr, but I’ll be going through and seeing just how many I can use for the Losing it[1] gallery. Though I may take a night off before I get stuck into those. Or not.

Once I get past those, the backlog will be nearly all gone. So I’ll just have to go out and take more pictures!

[1] And I’m getting to them before this year’s show! I’m doing well!

Going Wide – 30 July 2007

Another day, another stroll. This was a not particularly bright Monday, but it was good enough for a bit of a wander to the Quayside. I used my Sigma 10-20mm lens for this set, and had it at its widest for much of the time. I walked a little further along the river than normal this time, so there are some slightly different pictures in this set.

Depth of Field – 31 July 2007

My memory of last summer is that it mostly didn’t happen, but it seems there may have been more good days than I recall. Here’s another set of pictures taken on a lunchtime wander. For this one, I had my 50mm lens fitted, and had some fun with depth of field. I really need to take that lens out more often, it’s a lot of fun.

As with most of the backlog stuff I’ve been working through, some of these pictures have appeared here before in some form or other.