Britain’s honours system is a funny thing. All those silly titles that sound like they’re relics from the 14th century[1] which turn out to have been invented much more recently. The ones that seem to get dished out the most are the various ranks of the delightfully named The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, despite the fact that the British Empire disappeared a long time ago. But I suppose that’s better than making up some “modern” award with a name that would sound just as dated in six months, never mind a few decades.

All this wittering is leading on to me being, subject to the usual reservations about silly titles, being quite pleased that Russell T Davies has been awarded the OBE (that’s Officer of the Most Excellent, etc, etc), which is the second level from the bottom, and therefore much more important than the MBE (Member of etc, etc) awarded to lesser people. The award is for “Services to Drama”, as they like to put such things.

BBC News on honours to people in Wales

[1] Or some such arbitrary point in time