Fresh New Look!

It’s funny, I wasn’t planning on creating a new theme for Losing it[1] today. What happened was that a bit of random clickage took me to a logo generator thingy, which in a quite friendly manner produces text logos in a variety of fonts based on the text you enter. I started fiddling and thought that maybe a new logo with blue lettering on a white background might be a good idea for the site.

So having created a few logos to play with, I started to work on my local copy of the site. I stripped out lots of bits and pieces, changed the shade of blue used for headings and other bits and pieces to something darker, centred the heading, and didn’t actually bother using the logo. Anyway, here it is – a new, simpler look for the site, with fewer lumps, fewer graphicy bits and a generally cleaner look.

I’ve dropped the “moods” thing and some other bits that used to appear on some posts, and slimmed down the headings too. As with the previous version, this is a modification of Sandbox, which meant that most of the work was CSS tweaking, with just some minor edits to some theme files.

[1] Since I dropped the footnotes from the sidebar, I’ve decided to drop the footnote reference from the title of the site, shock, horror, sensation! :dizzy:

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