Daily Archives: Wednesday, 18th Jun 2008

I do go on a bit…

I noticed recently that the post count on Losing it[1] was rapidly approaching the 3,000 mark, which is quite high as these things go[1]. In my usual way, I forgot all about it until I was editing the last post and saw that the number of published posts had indeed exceeded 3,000.

The post with the big round number was the one about the air show pictures, which is quite nice. It would have been awfully dull if it had turned out to be a weight report or a Twitter update.

Perhaps more alarming than the 3,000 posts is that the word count is rapidly approaching 500,000 :eek2: . That’s a lot of words, many of them quite silly.

[1] The department of made up statistics tells me that 91.3% of blogs have precisely one post, and of the remainder, 95.6% haven’t been updated in 1.4 years. Or something like that.


Isn’t that nice? Arstechnica reports that Microsoft’s IE team sent Mozilla a cake to congratulate them on the release of the quite spiffy Firefox 3. Apparently they did the same thing when Firefox 2 came out in the Jurassic period 2006[1]. I like that. It’s always nice to see the human side of Microsoft[2], and to see that they’re not all Vista-producing loonies.

As Arstechnica says,

Closer cooperation between Microsoft and Mozilla on standards and web innovation would be a big win for everyone. But until Microsoft gets its act straightened out, Mozilla will be eating Internet Explorer’s marketshare in addition to cake.

Looking at the stats for Losing it[1], I can see Firefox becoming more popular, as IE gradually loses share. Other browsers such as Safari and Opera are pretty much nowhere. Of the two, I find Safari to be quite nice on the Mac and Opera to be, well, pointless. Firefox with AdBlock Plus does the job for me, and I only use other browsers when I have to…

[1] Internet time…
[2] I know people who work there, and they seem mostly human to me. Not that I’m the best judge of that, of course :dizzy:

Sunderland Airshow 2007 Pictures (Part One)

You might recall that I went to the Sunderland International Air Show on 29 June last year. At the time, I worked on a few pictures that particularly stood out for me, and put those on show on Flickr and here. Two of them actually got a fair bit of attention on Flickr, which was nice. Anyway, I did say that as soon as I found the time, I’d put up a lot more of the pictures I took that day. Well, I’ve finally found the time[1], and here are the first batch of pictures. These concentrate on the flying display itself and include some moderately acceptable pictures of a lot of the action. I’ll be following up with some pictures of activity closer to the ground, and a separate set featuring the Red Arrows[2].

In this set, you can see some aerobatics, some wing-walking, and some rather lovely older planes.

[1] Just as well, the next one is in just over five weeks…
[2] I changed memory cards just for them :smile:

Major Security Alert

I’ve just seen a disturbing report at Boing Boing about a potentially disastrous security vulnerability. Nothing so trivial as deleting all your email, or planting illegal material on your hard disk, or even sending your bank account details to fraudsters this time. No, this is really serious: this can affect your coffee, and if there’s anything more serious than that, don’t know what it is. :eek2:

It seems that:

If you own a Jura F90 Coffee Maker, you can also buy a Jura Internet Connection Kit, which lets you program and set your coffee prefs via the network: however, its got a bunch of vulnerabilities that allow for remote denial-of-coffee attacks

Apparently there are secondary effects to a potential attack, as the hostile party could also gain full access to the computer running the software, but that’s insignificant compared to the coffee-related risk. :dizzy:

Full report at Securityfocus