I do go on a bit…

I noticed recently that the post count on Losing it[1] was rapidly approaching the 3,000 mark, which is quite high as these things go[1]. In my usual way, I forgot all about it until I was editing the last post and saw that the number of published posts had indeed exceeded 3,000.

The post with the big round number was the one about the air show pictures, which is quite nice. It would have been awfully dull if it had turned out to be a weight report or a Twitter update.

Perhaps more alarming than the 3,000 posts is that the word count is rapidly approaching 500,000 :eek2: . That’s a lot of words, many of them quite silly.

[1] The department of made up statistics tells me that 91.3% of blogs have precisely one post, and of the remainder, 95.6% haven’t been updated in 1.4 years. Or something like that.