Major Security Alert

I’ve just seen a disturbing report at Boing Boing about a potentially disastrous security vulnerability. Nothing so trivial as deleting all your email, or planting illegal material on your hard disk, or even sending your bank account details to fraudsters this time. No, this is really serious: this can affect your coffee, and if there’s anything more serious than that, don’t know what it is. :eek2:

It seems that:

If you own a Jura F90 Coffee Maker, you can also buy a Jura Internet Connection Kit, which lets you program and set your coffee prefs via the network: however, its got a bunch of vulnerabilities that allow for remote denial-of-coffee attacks

Apparently there are secondary effects to a potential attack, as the hostile party could also gain full access to the computer running the software, but that’s insignificant compared to the coffee-related risk. :dizzy:

Full report at Securityfocus

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