Sunderland Airshow 2007 Pictures (Part One)

You might recall that I went to the Sunderland International Air Show on 29 June last year. At the time, I worked on a few pictures that particularly stood out for me, and put those on show on Flickr and here. Two of them actually got a fair bit of attention on Flickr, which was nice. Anyway, I did say that as soon as I found the time, I’d put up a lot more of the pictures I took that day. Well, I’ve finally found the time[1], and here are the first batch of pictures. These concentrate on the flying display itself and include some moderately acceptable pictures of a lot of the action. I’ll be following up with some pictures of activity closer to the ground, and a separate set featuring the Red Arrows[2].

In this set, you can see some aerobatics, some wing-walking, and some rather lovely older planes.

[1] Just as well, the next one is in just over five weeks…
[2] I changed memory cards just for them :smile: