Isn’t that nice? Arstechnica reports that Microsoft’s IE team sent Mozilla a cake to congratulate them on the release of the quite spiffy Firefox 3. Apparently they did the same thing when Firefox 2 came out in the Jurassic period 2006[1]. I like that. It’s always nice to see the human side of Microsoft[2], and to see that they’re not all Vista-producing loonies.

As Arstechnica says,

Closer cooperation between Microsoft and Mozilla on standards and web innovation would be a big win for everyone. But until Microsoft gets its act straightened out, Mozilla will be eating Internet Explorer’s marketshare in addition to cake.

Looking at the stats for Losing it[1], I can see Firefox becoming more popular, as IE gradually loses share. Other browsers such as Safari and Opera are pretty much nowhere. Of the two, I find Safari to be quite nice on the Mac and Opera to be, well, pointless. Firefox with AdBlock Plus does the job for me, and I only use other browsers when I have to…

[1] Internet time…
[2] I know people who work there, and they seem mostly human to me. Not that I’m the best judge of that, of course :dizzy: