Sunderland Airshow 2007 Pictures (Part Two)

Not all the activity at last year’s Sunderland International Air Show took place in the air. As the show takes place along the coast, there are opportunities for some water-based fun, too. Last year, the Royal Navy parked HMS Albion off the shore, and quite apart from providing a nice background to some of my pictures, it was also the base for a demonstration of an amphibious landing. Some quite large landing craft delivered some quite large vehicles, and collected them later.

In this album, you can see some of that activity, plus some birds, and the sea getting a wee bit rough as the tide came in. And when the tide comes in at Seaburn, it doesn’t mess around. You really know when it’s coming in. It’s just a short distance from Roker pier, where some amazing photographs have been taken[1] of the waves crashing over the lighthouse.

The next set I’ll post will be of the Red Arrows display. And I’ll most likely do a bit of reminiscing about seeing them when I was a kid.[2]

[1] Not by me – have a look on Flickr and you should find some
[2] I was one once, you know!

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