Sunderland Airshow 2007 Pictures (Part Three)

For the final set of pictures from last year’s air show, it’s back to the sky for the highlight of the day: a full performance by the RAF’s display team the Red Arrows. While there was some cloud, it was light enough and high enough for the Reds to do their whole show. There’s a selection of pictures in the album which give at least a taste of what they do, including my personal favourite, which has the Reds coming straight through the rainbow. The moment that rainbow formed, I started hoping that they’d oblige by flying through it, and they did just that. There are a few shots with the rainbow, but the one with HMS Albion on the left just worked for me…

I remember seeing the Red Arrows at RAF St Athan in South Wales when I was a kid. I’m even old enough to remember them flying in the old Gnats before changing to the then new Hawks. Back in those days, safety rules were a little less strict, and they always used to start their show by coming in from behind the audience and passing overhead. They’re not allowed to do that these days, and at Sunderland all flying had to be at a certain distance (I forget the number) out from the shore. But with my 70-300mm lens, I managed to get reasonably close.

Anyway, that concludes last year’s air show report. I’ll try to be a bit more prompt with this year’s! Lots more backlog pictures to come, too.