Yet another change!

Well, having had a few complaints that the new look I unleashed last week was a bit too minimalist, I’ve made a few subtle changes.

The first thing you’ll notice[1] is that I’ve replaced the simple text header with a bigger one that has that tasteful representation of me that doesn’t really look anything like me, together with a strapline and in an audience-pleasing move[2], has a footnote.

I’ve added a random pictures thingy to the top of the sidebar, which might persuade one or two people to delve into the gallery. Or make people leave quicker, as the case may be.

I’ll probably change the whole thing again in a few months, but this will do for now.

[1] Unless you’re being sensible and reading this in your RSS aggregator, in which case the look will be of no concern to you
[2] Hi Sam :wave:

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