Evernote – Now More Public

You might recall[1] me mentioning a nifty service called Evernote a couple of months ago. At the time, it was an invitation-only beta, though I got in without any trouble[2]. I’ve used it intermittently since then, and if my memory was better I might use it more often[3].

Anyway, as of today, it’s a completely open and public beta. They’ve also announced their new subscription model. Like a lot of web services, they’ve done the sensible thing of offering a free service that does quite a lot and a not particularly expensive premium service that offers a lot more.

The web version now plays nicely with Firefox 3, which removes the last excuse I can think of for not giving it a try.

[1] Maintaining the fiction that people actually read this nonsense
[2] Maybe my reputation preceded me…
[3] The idea is that it saves you remembering stuff, but you have to remember to use it so it can do that, which is where I go wrong…