Daily Archives: Thursday, 26th Jun 2008

Amazonian Mutter

Following yesterday’s mutterings about the transfer of my DVD rental account from Amazon (who I generally like) to LoveFilm (who use silly capitalisation in their name as well as having deficiencies in their service), I got a reply to my enquiry about my discount, which contained some contradictory information, closely followed by an announcement message which was less contradictory.

The word is that my former 10% discount is now 5%. Apparently they are “unable to retrieve the discount of 10% discount”. Leaving aside the slightly odd repetition, that’s the kind of thing that really annoys me – not so much the cut in my discount[1], but that use of the weasel word “unable”. That is silly. Of course they’re able to provide any level of discount they choose to. They’ve just decided that it’s simpler (and cheaper, of course) to have a single level of discount for all of their former DVD rental customers.

I also got an explanation for the “certificate” business. The deal is that I will automatically get the 5% discount under the following conditions:

  1. I remain a LoveFilm customer, which is quite reasonable
  2. It expires at the end of July 2010
  3. It’s limited to a total purchase value of £1,000 – so the maximum discount I can get in those two years is £50

Apart from the reduction of the discount to 5%, I’m not too concerned about those conditions. But it does mean I’ll be more likely to shop around for better prices on DVDs now.

[1] Though it was a key factor in me keeping the rental service going this long

Bamboo Bridge!

Work has started on building a temporary bridge between the Tyne and Millennium bridges. It’s being made of bamboo, and nobody will actually be able to cross it, as it’s art.

I think it’ll be an interesting sight, and I’ll be having a stroll down there with my camera as soon as I can, and I’ll go back moderately frequently until it’s finished.

BBC NEWS | England | Tyne | Bamboo bridge work starts on Tyne

Update: My first pictures of the bamboo bridge can be seen here.