Fluency Admin for WordPress 2.5

I’ve done a fair amount of muttering, moaning and general wittering about the changed user interface in WordPress 2.5, but since I managed to mitigate most of the annoyance with some handy plugins, I’ve been able to get on and use it without too much frustration.

My recent redesign and subsequent tweakage involved me removing a number of plugins that I’d been using for quite a long time, even one I’d spent some time persuading to play nicely with WordPress 2.5. Combine that with a recent incident of someone managing to fool my anti-spam plugins and get a load of silly comments on one of my posts, I decided it was time to have a general overhaul of which plugins I use.

I’ve switched spam protection from the combination of Bad Behavior and Spam Karma to the ubiquitous Akismet, removed some other bits and pieces that I haven’t actually been using, and then turned my attention to the admin interface.

I’d seen references to the Fluency Admin plugin, but hadn’t really looked at it properly. This morning, I decided to give it a try. It installs like any other WordPress plugin, and immediately transforms the admin interface into something quite nice.



It covers the functions of the plugins I was using to remove the nasty narrowness and excessive height of the Write page, works with the drop-down menus from Ozh’s plugin, and changes the pastel blues to a grey palette. So far, I like it. Interestingly, there’s a test version of WordPress around that uses some similar ideas for navigation (though it doesn’t look as pleasing to my eye).

Details on the plugin page, and screenshots on Flickr.