June 2008 round-up

Well, that just about wraps it up for June, which means it’s time for yet another enthralling end of month report that you can read instead of the seemingly endless daily nonsense. Or not.


June 1: 219.2 pounds (15 stone 9.2 pounds, 99.4 kg)
June 30: 222.6 pounds (15 stone 12.6 pounds, 101.0 kg)
Difference: A rise of 3.4 pounds (1.5 kg), which even worse than last month’s poor showing. Motivation to actually do anything about this is completely lacking.


Must. Eat. Less. At. Lunchtime. I’ll keep telling myself that. I may pay attention one day.


Out of 21 working days this month, I walked to work three times, and walked home four times, which is even worse than last month. While the weather hasn’t been ideal, there were plenty of days when I could have walked one or both ways, but I didn’t manage to get it together.


Not quite as crazy as last month. Including this post, the June total will be 110, which is still quite a lot. I’ve dropped the Twitter thingies, so that will bring the total down in future.

Still to come – more reviews, more weight reports (even if they’re not showing any sign of progress), more photos, and anything else that comes to mind.