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August 2008 Round-up

So that’s August out of the way. That means it’s time for yet another of the regular series of intriguing end of month reports that you can read instead of the seemingly endless daily nonsense. Or not.


August 1: 219.4 pounds (15 stone 9.4 pounds, 99.5 kg)
August 31: 217.8 pounds (15 stone 7.8 pounds, 98.8 kg)
Difference: A fall of 1.6 pounds (0.7 kg), which is better than a rise.


After weeks of being good, I have been more naughty at lunchtime lately, and have had too many sausage rolls. Naughty!


Out of 20 working days this month, I walked to work three times, and walked home twice, which is a not very good at all.


I seem to be in my more or less annual posting dip at the moment – including this report, there will have been just 41 posts this month, the lowest since September last year. Last August was even worse.


Losing it[1] HQ is temporarily relocating while improvements are made to the property. Reports on this may or may not follow.

Weight Report – 26 August 2008

Hmmm. A slight rise today. Nothing to be alarmed about, though.

I’m really finding it difficult to get it together to post anything much at the moment. I had a similar dip around this time last year…

Normal[1] service will be resumed, err, soon.

[1] Or as normal as it gets around here…