Daily Archives: Sunday, 3rd Aug 2008

Just a few minor technical problems

Well, most things are working, but the Gallery is currently a little unwell. Moving it to a different domain requires running a process that recreates all the thumbnails and medium size images that you see when you browse the various albums.

Now when I did a test run last night, this worked quite quickly. Today, it’s sulking. So if you were hoping to see some pictures and they’re not available right now, please come back later, when I’ll probably have beaten it into submission.

That seems to have done it

OK, a few things might be a bit odd for a while[1], or you may find some links (but not many) don’t do what they’re supposed to, but other than that, we seem to be in business.

Yes, Losing it[1] has moved to a new domain name:


Existing links and bookmarks will automagically[2] forward you to the new location for as long as I remember not to delete a certain file. If you’re using a feed reader, you may need to resubscribe, but in theory at least, you should also be getting the new feed. If you haven’t seen this post, it may not be working. :dizzy:

I’ll be using the lcb.me.uk domain for something else, just as soon as I decide what!

[1] More so than normal[3], that is
[2] I call upon the power of 301![4]
[3] Or as normal as things get around here
[4] It’s a redirect thingy. .htaccess fun and games