Daily Archives: Wednesday, 6th Aug 2008

Now that’s what I call helpful…

I’m still using the LoveFilm DVD rental service that replaced the Amazon one I signed up for. It’s mostly working well, and I am generally getting the DVDs I want in much the order I was hoping for. But they do need to work on their helpful suggestions bit.

Useful Suggestion

Useful Suggestion

Yes, they’re quite right. I would like to rent the fifth season of Third Rock. In fact, it was on my Amazon rental list, only to be deleted during the transition to LoveFilm on the grounds that rabid centaurs had eaten every copy[1]. You’d think that their matching algorithm would be bright enough to not suggest titles that they don’t actually have, wouldn’t you? It can’t be that hard to add a filter based on availability.

[1] Well, I’m not 100% sure that was the reason given. Maybe the centaurs weren’t actually rabid, but were just a bit excited