Daily Archives: Thursday, 14th Aug 2008

Weight Report – 14 August 2008

No surprises there – a wee bit higher following a drinkie or two in London, a quite nice pizza and a suitably vast hotel breakfast this morning.

I did manage some exercise, though. Rather than get the Tube, I walked from the station to the office yesterday, and back again today. This took about 40 minutes each way. It would have been more like 30, but there were loads of incredibly slooooooooooow people getting in my way all over the place…

Weight Report – 13 August 2008

Wednesday morning’s “it’s a bit too early”[1] weight was nicely down on Tuesday’s.

[1] Train to London, though not as early as the one I used to catch. Now I can get up just one hour early rather than in the middle of the night…