Weight Report – 3 September 2008

OK, I have been a wee bit active the last few days. Moving, carrying stuff down and up stairs[1], actually walking to work two days running[2], more carrying, more stairs.

And I haven’t been eating that much – I may have succumbed to the lure of the sausage rolls once or twice, but I think I’m working that off.

But even so, this morning’s weight[3] was a bit of a surprise. It’s possible the scales are confused, or the altitude is different, or something, but I’ll accept what they’re telling me for now. I’m apparently over two pounds lighter than I was on Monday. In fact, it’s the lowest weight I’ve recorded since late March. But I’m making up for that by having a pizza and a glass of wine tonight, so I should be a bit heavier tomorrow! :grin:

[1] If you heard an odd groaning noise coming from the North East of England, it was my knees. They really aren’t happy at all about all the extra work.
[2] My temporary location doesn’t have the high-frequency direct to work bus service Losing it[1] HQ does – there are buses available, but I have to walk a bit to get one that goes further than Gateshead. And the fares aren’t as cheap. All of which sounds a bit naff, but it does mean I’ll be encouraged to walk. The walk from here takes about the same time, but it’s from a completely different direction. Photos will follow when I’ve finished getting organised.
[3] After a good rest, the scales decided to work again :???: