Weight Report – 5 September 2008

So, it seems the scales aren’t stuck after all. This morning’s weight was a pound higher than yesterday’s quite shocking low, but as that’s still a long way down on recent months, I’m happy enough.

I had a day off work today :bouncy:

But I actually got up and went out earlier than normal :cry:

I walked from Temporary HQ to Losing it[1] HQ, which is nearly as far as walking to work. Once there, I moved the new wheelie bin that the council had just delivered round to the back and filled it up. Then I spent quite a few hours sorting out junk, packing up various bits from the kitchen, and demolishing some furniture. With a couple of short breaks, that took me through to about 2:30, at which point various bits of me suggested I should stop. So I did and waited for the contractors to arrive to assess the amount of junk they’ll be clearing out for me. After they left, I did one last bit of moving stuff.

And then I headed back here. In the pouring rain. I got wet, mutter, mutter. I felt much better after a nice espresso, though.