Daily Archives: Saturday, 6th Sep 2008

Newcastle Photos – 21 June 2007

Yes, it’s another visit to the backlog! This was another lunchtime walk with the wide-angle lens, and includes just about the only pictures I managed to get of the Newcastle Brewery demolition.

Weight Report – 6 September 2008

Well, well. Down again today. That might have something to do with all that moving, carrying and walking I did yesterday.

Today was altogether a less active day. As it was raining heavily, I took the bus to Tesco’s rather than having my usual walk there. Besides, I needed to check out the local bus service, which seems to be fine. The nearest stop has buses running to Gateshead every 15 minutes, and it’s a short walk to another stop served by buses to Newcastle. A special bonus is that I can get a bus direct to the MetroCentre from here, which is a lot more convenient than from Losing it[1] HQ.

Newcastle Photos – 26 June 2007

Yes, it’s been a while since my last visit to the backlog, hasn’t it? Well, now I’ve just about got myself reorganised it’s time to get back to the mega catching up process.

These pictures are from a lunchtime walk with the wide-angle lens.