WordPress 2.6.2 is out

WordPress 2.6.2 is a security release that fixes a recently discovered vulnerability. If you allow open registration on your site[1], you need this update. It also fixes some lesser bugs.

Full details from the WordPress Development Blog, download from the usual place.

As usual, Brian Layman’s EasyWPUpdate
script made this a quick and easy update for me.

Big changes are coming in the next version of WordPress, by the way. There’s another new admin interface, and this one looks like it’ll be much better for me than the 2.5/2.6 version. It’ll have a sidebar for navigation (for which I currently use the excellent Fluency plugin, and in a huge step forward that takes us back a good few versions, the posting page will have draggable and droppable elements – yes, customisation will be back! :bouncy:

I had a good moan about the changed UI that came in with 2.5, and I still find it sufficiently unusable that I need two plugins – Fluency, as I’ve mentioned, and the excellent Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menus. When 2.7 goes live later in the year, I may not need those…

Also coming soon in WordPress, possibly in 2.7, but only if it’s ready – built in core upgrades. We can already update plugins direct form the admin panel, and 2.7 allows installation of plugins, too. But the target is for users to be able to update their WordPress site with a few clicks from their admin panel, which (provided it works as intended) will make life a lot easier for people who don’t want to fuss with FTP or anything like that.

Update: Oh, the irony. For some reason, this post, in which I mentioned not wanting to make people register to comment, is getting hammered by spambots trying to leave comments in Russian. As I can’t be bothered adding any more IP addresses to the blacklist, comments are now turned off for this post.

[1] I don’t, other sites do for a variety of reasons[2]
[2] Including requiring visitors to register before they can leave comments, which I find too annoying to bother with