Franz Ferdinand – Lucid Dreams

It’s been nearly three years since the last Franz Ferdinand album, which is a long time. It’s the sort of time in which fans can move on to other music, and bands can get bogged down with new directions and generally losing the plot[1]. There have been various stories in the music press about Franz doing all manner of things. Stories of abandoned recording sessions, fresh starts, and probably other things I’m too lazy to find the details of.

Anyway, this morning on 6Music, I heard a good-sounding song that I hadn’t heard previously, but which had a certain familiarity of style. As I was only on my first espresso of the day, I didn’t realise who it was until Shaun Keaveny told me: it’s the new Franz Ferdinand single, taken from the forthcoming album. I don’t know when either will be released, but for now there’s this exciting[2] video of Lucid Dreams provided by the official website.

Franz Ferdinand

[1] Mutter, Stone Roses, mutter
[2] Perhaps not