Daily Archives: Saturday, 13th Sep 2008

Weight Report – 13 September 2008

A minor upward movement today, but not enough to be alarmed about.

I walked to Tesco’s this morning – a slightly longer distance than from Losing it[1] HQ, so that was a bit more exercise.

This afternoon, I took a walk into Newcastle to have a look at some of the buildings taking part in the Heritage Open Days. I enjoyed the view from the top of the Castle Keep, and took a few pictures while I was up there. I also enjoyed a nicely silly mummers play there, performed by some nicely bonkers people.

From there, I went to the Holy Jesus Hospital for the guided tour, then on to Alderman Fenwick’s House for a quick look around. Then I had a coffee and came back, as my left knee was telling me that there had been quite enough walking for one day.

Pictures may appear later, and I may go to more places tomorrow.

I should have tried that…

Last weekend, I spent an hour or so counting and sorting the coins in my change jar[1]. Obviously what I should have done was arrange the coins in little stacks and made myself a chess set like this one:

The World’s Most Expensive Chess Set

Of course, I wouldn’t have had the banknotes to make the board, but I’m sure I could have improvised something or other. Or maybe not.

[1] I throw all my loose change into a jar[2] at the end of each day. I count it up and pay it into the bank on a “when I get round to it” basis.
[2] The current jar is a tall transparent plastic one that once contained Quality Street, if my generally addled memory serves me